No more irrelevant leads!
Our marketing team blends human capital with WishyAI™ to construct accurately personalized campaigns.

WishyAI™ in Action

Enter your business url for predictions on suitable keywords

For this demo of the capabilities of our Artificial Intelligence, it will scan through your website content, both images & words, extract the context and meaning to suggest keywords which could be used in SEO and ads bidding 


How it Works!

WishyAI, an artificial intelligence, augments the lead generation process by doing what humans cannot do. WishyAI is injected at every step of the process.

Prospects targeting is no longer the process of throwing a dart at strangers and hope it sticks. WishyAI pre-qualifies prospects and targets potential customers by going through the profiles of thousands of businesses and customers across the web.

The next step is to bombard these prospects with spam! No, just kidding ;-p
A unique aspect of Gowishy is that advertising content is co-written by WishyAI. We believe that ‘Emotional response to an ad influences consumers’ intention to buy much greater than the ad itself’. Our content writers work with WishyAI to generate the right mix of emotions to be delivered in campaigns.

Combined with omnichannel distribution, we will deliver your next set of customers.

AI is not magic. It can make mistakes too albeit a lot fewer than humans would. What makes our WishyAI powerful is that the entire lead generation cycle is a closed feedback setup; over multiple iterations, WishyAI is cognizant of what works and what doesn’t for your specific business.

Key Clients

“GoWishy connects the dots from corporate strategy and objectives to digital distribution, marketing execution and measurable results. They always come through for TMG Momentum.”
Jeff Fish
CEO TMG Momentum
“GoWishy has been great for us. They helped non-techies like us get what we wanted at a more than reasonable price. Their AI does some kind of magic 🙂 and we highly recommend them.”
Sales Head Coastal Payroll

Our Pricing Packages

  • Blog Content
  • SEO Optimization
  • Inbound email funnel

$899 per month

  • Facebook Ad Campaigns
  • Outbound Email Campaigns
  • Social Media Engagement

$1499 per month